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General information

Union of Disabled People Organizations (UDPO) of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Address: 7a Ahmad Javad street, Yasamal district, Baku city, AZ1138, Azerbaijan Republic
Phone: (+994 12) 434 48 36, mobile: (+994 50) 371 03 02
Phone/Fax: (+994 12) 434 93 29
E-mail:   union-dpo@baku.az  ; davudrehimli@gmail.com
VEB:       www.udpo.az  (the English version under construction )

The registration Certificate number:  N 1105-Q4-1720

It was founded by 8 members of DPOs in 2003 and officially registered in 16.04.2005.

There are 37 Organizations of disabled people in UDPO at moment.

We have resource centers in Gabala and Gazax regions.

One of the organizations is International, 4 organizations regional,  the rest are of Republican status.

3 organizations are the members of International structures.

(Disabled People International DPI, International organization of blind, International Haemofiliac Assosation)


UDPO is the member of the:

  • World Disability Union and Monitoring, Universal design Commission.
  • Global Call to Actions Against Poverty,
  • The Working Group for United Nations’ Convention "On the rights of people with disabilities"
  • The independent group of experts under the Ombudsman
  •      Ministry of Labor and Social Protection:
      -  The commission buildings constructed in various cities and regions of the republic of residential, the division in charge of the implementation "for the disabled and the families of victims”
     - Is the member of the commission "medical rehabilitation of people with disabilities, and to contribute to the solution of the social problems.




General Assembly, Board, Commission of Monitoring.

President, Secretary, Expert group



The main purpose of UDPO is to linking disabled organization’s activity with each other acting in Azerbaijan, protecting their interest and positions.

Women in Guidance  – 60 %


The mission of the organization.
People with disabilities in Azerbaijan uniting and working in  many  different activities of this organizations stimulate promotion of equal rights and opportunities in community.

The objectives of the organization
- To coordinate the activities of disability organizations in solving problems
- Ensuring participation
- Capacity Building
- Team work habits to ensure transparency and sustainability



2100 copies of books in 5 kinds covering various fields of disability and 1500 brochures, 600 posters printed and distributed.

Round Tables, Conferences
This is partly carried out at 24 and was a participant in these events up to 1300.
4 International was represented at the event.

two exhibitions was organized participation of persons with disabilities is provided at 15.

Trainings of nine topics were held mainly for improving the organizational skills. Monitoring and evaluation" was the theme of an international workshop.

Giving the legal advisory (information) assistance for persons with disabilities and their organizations in average of 3 times per day.
Ramp installed at the entrance for the people with disabilities who move on wheelchair.  5. With 7 people, 18 people in wheelchairs were assisted by the provision.

Law Offers
National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan Cabinet of Ministers of Labor and Social Protection Population, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the 38 laws and legal documents have been proposed. "The rules on equal opportunities for people with disabilities" were processed for approval by the government.

Internal measures
In accordance with Regulation 9 times the annual general meeting, held 90 meetings of the Board of Directors.





  1. “Let’s learn and claim our rights”

 Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation


Goals and objectives:
- Benefiting laws to facilitate persons with disabilities
- Creation of electronic database of laws and other legal documents
- hotline organization
- PR
• legal and regulatory documents collected for the disabled
• The documents are posted on the website of the www.udpo.az
• information about the book and booklet has been published with Disabilities Organizations
• 147 person, online or direct legal services rendered

Ensuring the sustainability of the project: The site is constantly updated, in 2012, completely renovated, expanded scope of information. Currently, the site is English version.

II. "Support to Development"

The Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goals and objectives:
- Capacity building of organizations of disabled
- Training and Awareness



  • Ability training held for representatives of the invalid organizations
  • Social to inform carried out
  • Printed booklet and information about  DPOs


Ensuring the sustainability of the project: the training and preparation of projects in various organizations of disabled people are valued by donors to the project. For the first time the organization has received a grant to 3. As a continuation of the idea again in 2012 by the American Bar Association (ABA CEELI) USAID conducted a more extensive training.


III. "Development of    disabled peoples organizations".

 The Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



  • Resource centers created in 2 regions
  • Book of "These are we" has published (information base of the organizations of shame law, convention and invalid, successes of the invalids)
  • Training (instruction, doctrine)s of rights and their defense


IV. "Truism for all".
The Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of  Azerbaijan.

Goals and objectives
Tourism facilities for people with disabilities  Monitoring accessibility
- Preparation and presentation of proposals to improve legislation in this area
- Training and Awareness

Results for:
The proposals received from the state program on the development of tourism in the earth. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the standards of tourism facilities, especially hotels with the highest score in terms of stars suitable for people with disabilities to be given for such a facility.


 V. "Our Convention, Our Rights, but for all”. 

“UNİCEF” with Ombudsman united


Objects and responsibilities
CRDP raise awareness about
• Materials of convention to enlighten about it have been printed and distributed
Ensuring the sustainability of the project: CRDP and the ratification of the issues arising from the implementation of a consistent work. Discussions were held with the Parliament ( Milli Meclis) and the Ministry Labour and Social Protection Population  in the improvement of legislation and existing laws have been proposed 24. 2 For an alternative preparation of the report on the monitoring CRDP and 14 organizations participated in training and exercises.

The report was prepared and submitted to a certain office of UN.

VI. Of being diminished by the poverty of protecting the labor rights of the disabled people.
The Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


The purpose of the project - ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities through employment and poverty reduction is to risk.
With the help of the project tried to find answers to the following questions.
Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in employment law - legal documents status and their relevance to the CRDP rate
If the employment situation of persons with disabilities level of professional skills and the needs of the disabled.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives were implemented.
Analysis of Swat
Establish incentives for the employment of protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and their organizations in the field of law and sound decision-making Achievement.

Ensuring the sustainability of the project: make quota compliance in the areas of environment and continued monitoring. 37 people with disabilities legal assistance after the project, and 2 wheelchair women employed, 35 people with disabilities works exhibited works were carried out in the areas of vocational skills training. (Sumgait, Ganja,)


VII. The preparation of the organization's website.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

This is to ensure the sustainability of the project.

VIII. "Inclusive Justice" USAID, ABA CEELI


Goals and objectives
Support capacity building of organizations of people with disabilities Accessible environment

1. Organizations for people with disabilities, "Strategic planning", "Project Development and Management", "team skills" training on the 7, 124 people have participated in these workshops, public meetings were held in the regions (an average of 47 participants per meeting), 3 Issıkkul within 7 days of the "monitoring and evaluation" is an international training. 2 by the participants on this issue were held in Baku and Sumgait. 28 people took part in the training. It was supported by the capture of a strategic plan for the organization. (Instruction and practice)
2. 3 trial, one of the accesses to social services adapted to the movement of wheelchairs. (Ramps are installed)

Ensuring the sustainability of the project: 5 of the instructions given to the organization and preparation of projects, ramp installed objects , 2014 was the year of the proposed program.


IX. Positive changes in the lives of people with disabilities.

“World Vision”  International Humanitarian Organization

Goals and objectives:

To improve the social and legal environment for persons with disabilities work by a working group under the Convention legal reforms arising from the implementation of the Convention to support.

The project is the first report to donors on stage, an audit was carried out by international experts. Currently, the project is carried out in the second stage.

X. Standard Rules on the establishment of equal opportunities for people with disabilities in development.
The Ministry of  Labour and Social Protection Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Goals and objectives:
Standard Rules on the establishment of equal opportunities for people with disabilities in development.
The standard rules of the legislative base.


Preliminary results: The initial version of the rules has been developed. Ministry of  Labour and Social Protection and the State Architecture and Urban Planning committees were positive. The document will be prepared for approval by the Cabinet of Ministers.
Ensuring the sustainability of the project: legislative proposals for the establishment of equal opportunities along with the local production of equipment for the material and prepared for the government and international organizations. This idea is supported by the government.

Honesty, quality, transparency, special attention is given in order to implement the projects as the terms of sustainability.


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